Welcome to Divrei Chizuk! Bringing the Bais HaMikdash down 1 brick+ at a time
Hodu La Hashem K'tov K'lolom Chasdo

L'iluy Nishmas-Reuven ben Ezra-David Chaim ben Tzvi Akiva-Tehila Malka bas Zev-z''l

Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisrael,

The Divrei Chizuk Team first thanks Hashem for everything He does for each of us. We give a big Hakaras Hatov C bas R who sponsored our tickets may it be as a big zechus for her for bracha, hatzlacha, and a big yeshua. Also it should be as a a big zechus to www.talknsave.net for sponsoring our mobile needs while we are at Home
(Please check them out if you need to rent a phone for your next trip to Eretz Yisrael.) 

B”H and Hodu La Hashem Kitov Ki Lolom Chasdo. We were zoche to look for Hashem and find Him leading us every step of the way.The Divrei Chizuk team accomplished a lot while at Home in Eretz Yisrael. We Thanked/Sang/Danced/Cried out to Hashem (please see pictures below). The tzadikim we met. Everyone joined The Divrei Chizuk Team as we were mispalel for Klal Yisrael that (may) Hashem praise be His great and Holy name, answer everyone’s bakashos L’tov amen. We ran from minyan to minyan answering Amen-Amen Yehi Shmei Raba bkol koach so Hashem praised be His great and Holy name, in His great rachamim will tear up any negative gezra, and shower for each of His child much bracha and hatzlacha amen.We were zoche to join many simchas of people putting on t’fillin and answer Amen to their brachos. We were zoche to daven netz in a minyan in one of the Holy tunnels of the kotel with very special people. A three hour spiritually uplifting t’filah. In the shul there is a sign that says whoever davens here is to have in mind Klal Yisrael. We then met a very special person Harav Sacks who took us around as we davened at the kever of Shmuel Ha Navi where there are a group of people learning in kolel there.

After meeting with the Rav we all joined together in tehillim/shira and were mispalel to Hashem to hear everyone’s bakasha,L’tov. The Rav is now a member of The Divrei Chizuk Team. We were at the kever of Shimon Ha Tzadik where we met with the one in charge and were mispalel there. Every where we were zoche to be, we spoke about the importance of bonding and thanking Hashem for everything He does for each and every one of us every single second of our lives. On Erev Shabbos the Divrei Chizuk Team were zoche to join  (click here to read about it) The Thousands to Participate in Protest

what a kidush Hashem as we davened and danced and sang out to Hashem. As we answered Amen and Amen Yehi Shmei Raba bkol we had everyone in mind, may Hashem not let chilul Shabbos be caused bzechus of that davening and answer everyone's bakasha L'tov AMEN!!! We baught people drinks, and as the made a bracha we answered AMEN having all in mind. We gave out tzedakah and bzechus all this may Hashem have much rachamim on each of us and shower bracha and hatzlacha yeshuos, simcha, parnasa, shalom, shalom bais, shiduchim, continued growth in Torah, avodah, yeras shamayim lkol klal Yisrael AMEN!!!!!!

Bechasdei Hashem

We are working on opening up an office in Eretz Yisrael. As we continue with this important avodah. Klal Yisrael can continue to call 718-846-8085 and email info@divreichizuk.com with their bakasha.  It must be clearly understood that no matter what the bakasha is one must work on him/herself and call out to Hashem b’emes. The Divrei Chizuk Team is there to be mechazek one in reaching such a level based on the Holy TNACH, inspirationl sefforim, and by davening  for Hashem's help . We are willing to come and give chizuk to help any yid any where in the world. B”H with today’s nisim (technology as one might call it) this can be done but ONLY by Hashem for it is all from Him. We are truly humbled and honored that Hashem chose us to do this important avodah. Our next Holy trip to Eretz Yisrael is being planned details will follow BE”H at the right time, any one can join this and everything will be done with das Torah. Everyone was/is blessed by Hashem, if one would like to send shliach mitzvah money that will go to help the many yidden at every location at any time and participate in this mitzvah can do so by calling us or emailing us, or if one will like to sponsor a Divrei Chizuk event please contact us. B’’H we give shevach and hodah to  Hashem for everyone He has sent our way so far and are mispalel to Hashem to continue in His great chesed and great rachamim  to send  Divrei Chizuk much bracha and hatzlacha bchol L’tov in any way He desires to. If you would like to help klal Yisrael and have a machshava on what we are doing you can email us at info@divreichizuk.com or call us at 718-846-8085 thank you tizku l'mitzvos bahava Eli Nasson.