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Learn how to bring Hashem more closer into your life, being happy, just by saying thank You to Hashem and living a life of gratitude. We will work on strengthening our emunah and bitachon, you will feel and know you are not alone, and be closer to Hashem.

This can be done by text, email, virtually, or in person email for more info see below.

When you bring Hashem into the picture you feel better and will be able BE"H, to deal and handle with the nisayon(tests), while building and getting closer to Hashem. Through thanking Hashem you will see/find many  yeshuos.

If you have a few minutes during the day 5min, 10min, 15min, and would like to learn, ask questions, understand life,  feel better, be grateful, be happy, please call/text/email us. We will BE"H post a step by step work, action avoda to do for the week or day. If you would like to arrange/host a Thank You Hashem event please call/text/email for more info 347-846-8085 divreichizuk1@aol.com 


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I thank Hashem for giving me this machshava and for the zechus for letting me share this with the world. This site is based on a shiur I heard from HaRav Shalom Arush, that changed my whole life. The more you spend time on this site, the happier you will become and the closer you will feel to Hashem. This is 100%gaurnteed program, I am saying this because I have been there and felt it.
This is a step by step program that has to be repeated over and over, it has to be worked on constantly. Any time you need or feel the urge to talk/text/email please do at 347-846-8085 email-divreichizuk1@aol.com(everything is highly confidential). Also check back on this site as there will always be updates and changes that will be added to the bottom of this page, or where you see the word JUST ADDED.



 all of Klal Yisrael-L"N our Avos, Emaos, For all of Klal Yisrael Tzadikim, Tzakanios.

Focusing on thanking Hashem , living happy, and building a stronger relationship with Hashem, our Father, Friend, Creator. Let it be a part of you.
You see,Hashem put us in this world to learn Emunah(trust/faith) in Him, and by being greatful to Hashem(big/small things) is complete emnah. Hashem has the melachim open windows and remove all walls so every prayer of that person can enter. But when a person gives up hope, complaigns, is down c'v, all windows in Hashem's palace are closed, Hashem tells the melachaim to even clog all holes that no tfilah of that person can get in. With this understanding we will BE"H be focusing on being grateful to Hashem and learning to always be thankful. Your life will change and you will see many blessings, BE"H(with G-D help).

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I heard a thank You Hashem shiur from Rav Arush that changed my whole life around. It talked about not complaing and being thankful to Hashem for everything He gives you.(no matter how big or small). 
As we are working on ourselves on saying 
THANK YOU to Hashem.
Here is a another thing I heard from the shiur. When one thanks Hashem all the windows in Hashem's palace are opened and Hashem pours down on that person yeshuos, hashem tells the melachaim send that person more and more,without the person even having to ask for it. But when a person cries and complains for nothing, is misyaesh, (feeling down complainig not happy) all the windows in Hashem's palace are closed. That is what brings all the problems. Just keep thanking Hashem!!!!
 Once I implemented into my life focusing on  thanking Hashem it changed, I saw the kindness that Hashem does for me and a saw huge Yeshuos. This Yeshiva will be an in home teaching and focusing on saying thank You to Hashem. You will also BE"H see huge yeshuos, and watch your life change as I did.(all with Hashem's help). You will live a happy life, it will help you build a closer relationship with Hashem, and people will sense your happiness and want to learn and be around you. This is a 100% guarenteed program. But it takes work, and at times it may seem difficult and hard, and at times you may want to give up c''v. But that my friend is the yetzer harah, but if you really want it.... we have the greatest coach standing right by us and holding us with love, and is rooting for us. Hashem our father, our best friend,  our Creator.
Step1-Join our Thank You Yeshiva by giving us your first name and your email address, and your cell. You will either get texts, a phone call (so save our number as -Thank You Hashem Yeshiva-:) or an email. It will give you a chizuk for the day or week to work on. Then email us how it helped you or if it didn't.(divreichizuk1@aol.com) We will also be having monthly shiurim with a call in line given by myself and guest speakers, Shabbatonim, trips, and other exciting programs. Sponsorships are always welcome and your heartfelt tax deductible donations are welcomed.
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Please share this with evryone you know. Tizku Lmitzvos!!!

STEP 2-Listen to this video, get up dance, be happy, feel the excitement.

Here is a slower version, In this video close your eyes (feel it) and sing along. Add your own thank Yous to Hashem.

STEP 2-Listen to this video, get up dance, be happy, feel the excitement.

Here they are asking in the song they are singing that Hashem forgive them, that they forgot Him. Then they sing, and thank Him for life, and for health, crying, and even though its hard at times You Hashem are not far away but is really close by.

 We need to always be asking Hashem for His loving help Here is a wonderful t'filah Hashem sent my way:

STEP3-"Prayer of Thanks"

23 Tamuz 5773

(Taken in its entirety from a card issued by the CKL Foundation - Chesed, Kindness and Learning. This particular card is le'ilui nishmat Abraham "Al" Ben Sarah Falack & Morris Ben Nizha Beyda by Maddy & Joe Beyda.) 
NOTE:  The organization can be contacted at either 786.663.9292 or cklfoundation@aol.com--call them order your card

Whoever recites this prayer turns severe judgments into mercy and merits outright miracles from the Creator.

Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody:

Thank You, Hashem, King of Kings and Master of the World!

Thank You for the infinite times that You helped me, supported me, rescued me, encouraged me, cured me, guarded over me and made me happy.

Thank You for always being with me.

Thank You for giving me the strength to observe Your commandments, to do good deeds and pray.  Thank You for all the times You helped me and I didn't know how to say "Thank You."

Thank You for all the loving kindnesses You do for me each and every moment.  Thank You for every breath I breathe.

Thank You, Hashem, for all the things that I do have, and thank You, Hashem, even for the things that I don't have.

Thank You for my periodic difficulties, my occasional setbacks, and for the times when I don't feel happy, because everything is for my ultimate benefit, even if I don't see that it's always for my best...

Deep in my heart, I know that everything that comes from You is the very best for me and designed especially for me in precision and exacting Divine Providence, of which only The King of Kings is capable.

Thank You for the periodic times that are difficult for me, for only that way they enable me to fully appreciate the good times, for only after being in darkness one can appreciate the light.

Thank You for the wonderful life You have given me.

Thank You for every little thing that I have, for everything comes from You and from no one else.

Thank You for always listening to my prayers.

Creator of the World, I apologize from the bottom of my heart for all the times that I didn't appreciate what You gave me, and instead of thanking You I only complained.

I am dust and ashes and You are the entire universe.  Please, don't ever cast me away.

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The WOW RAFFLE is here to help (as a tool) one continue with our avoda in serving Hashem, and to help one build a closer relationship with Hashem our Father, Friend, Creator. Through continuing to work on our Mitzvos, chesed and learning we will feel better, be happier, and be able to see Hashem's beautiful world that He gave us and be able to see Hashem's chesed that He gives each and every one of us 24/7. We need to continue to work on being thankful to Hashem, our parents, our friends, people that help us in any way. This program will help motivate in an exciting way one with their avoda.