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Please Hashem, Tati accept my Tfelah

 "Tikkun L'Choleh", a new tefilah booklet put together as a zchus Refua Shlayma for Sora Gluck and another choleh in our city and as an aliyah neshamos for my parents a'h, Tema bas Mordechai Hakohen a'h, and Shmuel ben Aaron Yosef, z'l.

The booklet is compiled with tefilos in hebrew and english,  to be said SPECIFICALLY by the choleh themselves!! ( there are sections that if the choleh is a spouse, child or elderly person and cannot say them for themselves.. u can say it for them! ) These tefilos are written in First Person and are meant to be said especially when facing very serious illness or chas v'sholom, life -threatening illness.

Included in the booklet are special tefilos to say when one is going to see/or choose a doctor..or when starting and undergoing treatments such as radiation or chemo, chas v'sholom . They are very powerful and give a tremendous amount of Chizuk to the Choleh themselves! i have used the tefilos more than twice personally  ( i am a two time, bli ayin hora, cancer survivor ! ) and have also received very positive feedback from anyone that unfortunately needed to use them!

For more information, or to obtain one/or more of the booklets for yourself or for another , please call Margie Shabat at 773-478-8325 or e-mail me at: momchicago@aol.com

i have been asked if the tikkun l'choleh tefilos come in english. they do not, but i tried to translate two of them to the best of my ability for those that do not read or understand Hebrew. i hope this helps!!!  refua shalayma! you can reach me to get either the hebrew tefilos or copies of the english one at momchicago@aol.com.. chazak v'ematz!!


Please Hashem, my G-d, have mercy and compassion on me and send me quickly a total refua shalayma - speedy recovery - among the other sick people of your nation Israel. Please lessen from me - the pain, suffering , & anguish like the lessening  (size ) of the moon. Renew my body like the renewing of the new moon. And like an eagle, renew the days of my youth and you , Hashem will live forever! And your memory be remembered in every generation! Please turn to the prayers of the humbled and pained and please do not turn away from their tefilos -prayers! This will be written for all generations till the end of time and the nation that Hashem created will praise Him forever. Because He looks out from the Holy Heavens and Hashem watches over the Earth below. He listens to the pangs and cries of the suffering and the imprisoned and He can free and give life to those who suffer!

Lord of the Universe and the Heavens - please listen to my prayers and understand my pleas and do not be deaf to my cries and tears. Please heal me a total and complete recovery - a refuah - a recovery for my body and soul and send me a healing and lasting recovery...

a blessed recovery.. a recovery of mercy and compassion and a favorable one.. a recovery of peace and a long and wonderful life!

May the words of your Holy Torah come true : " If you

 will listen to the voice of your G-d and you do what is favorable in His eyes and you will listen and be careful with His Mitzvos - commandments - then all of the diseases and illnesses that i sent to the Egyptians - I WILL NOT PUT UPON YOU!!!!! BECAUSE I AM YOUR G-D - YOUR HEALER!!!!"

Please Hashem send a speedy recovery  to all of my ailments because You are the G-d - the King - the loyal Healer and the G-d of compassion!


ps.. i have translated another prayer that one can say when choosing a doctor to help treat you or when one has to go to several treatments such as chemo or radiation, chas v'sholom.. just let me know if you want that one too!!

thanks for listening and may NOONE ever need these booklets anymore! refuas and yeshuos to all, kol tuv, margie.

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