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I heard a thank You Hashem shiur from Rav Arush that changed my whole life around. It talked about not complaing and being thankful to Hashem for everything He gives you.(no matter how big or small). 

As we are working on ourselves on saying 

THANK YOU to Hashem.

Here is a another thing I heard from the shiur. When one thanks Hashem all the windows in Hashem's palace are opened and Hashem pours down on that person yeshuos, hashem tells the melachaim send that person more and more,without the person even having to ask for it. But when a person cries and complains for nothing, is misyaesh, (feeling down complainig not happy) all the windows in Hashem's palace are closed. That is what brings all the problems. Just keep thanking Hashem!!!!

 Once I implemented into my life focusing on  thanking Hashem it changed, I saw the kindness that Hashem does for me and a saw huge Yeshuos. This Yeshiva will be an in home teaching and focusing on saying thank You to Hashem. You will also BE"H see huge yeshuos, and watch your life change as I did.(all with Hashem's help). You will live a happy life, it will help you build a closer relationship with Hashem, and people will sense your happiness and want to learn and be around you. This is a 100% guarenteed program. But it takes work, and at times it may seem difficult and hard, and at times you may want to give up c''v. But that my friend is the yetzer harah, but if you really want it.... we have the greatest coach standing right by us and holding us with love, and is rooting for us. Hashem our father, our best friend,  our Creator.

Step1-Join our Virtual Gratitude Center by giving us your first name and your email address, and your cell. You will either get texts, a phone call (so save our number as -Thank You Hashem-:) or an email. It will give you a chizuk for the day or week to work on. Then email us how it helped you or if it didn't.(divreichizuk1@aol.com) We will also be having monthly shiurim with a call in line given by myself and guest speakers, Shabbatonim, trips, and other exciting programs. Sponsorships are always welcome and your heartfelt tax deductible donations are welcomed.  can be made by clicking here.