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A sincere T'filah goes straight up to the Kisay HaKavod

Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisrael this really helped me.
If you want to know how great Hashem is and want to sing praises to Hashem
A great thing to do is understand what you are saying as you call out to Hashem. 

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A sincere T'flillah can change the world

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The power of heartfelt prayer, of crying out to Hashem in distress, is remarkably powerful, and can even save lives. It  has the koach(strength) to reach up to the Kisay HaKavod(Hashem's Holy Throne). The only condition is that the prayer is recited from the depths of one's heart. When lives are at stake, when we are keenly aware that we have nowhere else to turn and the situation is desperate - these are the situations when the greatest and most powerful tefillot are recited.
When we pray, we should pray with special intensity, sincerity and feeling. Such a prayer cannot be rejected, and so the decree will be rescinded. The challenge is to pray with this kind of feeling and emotion at all times, even when the situation is not desperate.
(Never stop, always tell/beg Hashem your heartfelt bakashos)
and say Thank You for always being there for me Hashem.

Bracha VHatzlacha