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This page will take you to people, places, seforim(books) who/that are there to help with a problem one is having. If you know of any other Kosher websites, places, seforim, that can help others, inspire others, or where they can go for advice, please email me info@divreichizuk.com or call me at 347-846-8085.  One must know that all people are created by Hashem, the help comes from Hashem and only from Hashem. Hashem is the one that gives all of us the koach(strength) to go on and do whatever it is we are doing. We must cry out to Hashem like a child calls out to a parent by saying please Hashem Please help me, with whatever it is we are going through. It is Hashem that put us into this situation it is Hashem that will take us out of it. We have to know that we must call out to Hashem always for everything, we need to thank Hashem constantly for everything, we need to work on ourselfes in getting closer to Hashem each and every second that we have in this world. . Hashem  loves us we are his Holy Nation and children, He knows what He is doing for each and everyone us. Just believe in Him and trust in Him and only in Him. Hashem can do anything and change any situation one is in. I wish for everyone of us Bracha and Hatzlacha, May Hashem pour down His chesed on us, accept our heart felt T'felot (prayers), and take us out of this long Galus (exile) we are in. Where we can all live as one in serving Hashem, singing prayers to Him, and all our neighbours will know of Hashem. AMEN

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A website for religious Jews struggling to maintain their moral purity in today's world.

 To listen to Free Torah Shiurim and Lectures 

Over 1500 (video and audio) to choose from!

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 LearnTorah.com Thousands of Shiurim given by  scores of rabbis (mostly) from the Sephardic community. Great Kosher Listening!Click Here for LearnTorah.com


Torah Central
Torah  Tzivah  Lanu  Moshehttp://www.torahcentralstation.com/

To Determine which ברכות to make before/after eating particular foods:
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To see information about the Yahrtzeits of Great people: 


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A website dedicated to Kashrus information, alerts, agency guide, and more Click Here for Kashrusmagazine.com


 To listen to Free Torah Shiurim and Lectures 

Over 1500 (video and audio) to choose from!

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Harav Avidor Nebenzahl Shlita

Parsha Values 




 Our holy sages, the Chazal tell us (Megila 28b)
"כל השונה הלכות בכל יום מובטח לו שהוא בן עולם הבא"- one who studies Halachos daily is assured a portion in the world to come.
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To calculate proper  Zmanim(Halachic times) in your zip code סוף זמן קריאת שמע,שקיעה etc. ):


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Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundationwww.chofetzchaimusa.org

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4Torah.com4Torah.com Search from Pre-Approved Torah sites only

Seforim that help one get chizuk.

1. Growth through Torah written by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

2. Praise My Soul written by Harav Avidor Miller

3.Trust Me Rabbi Eliezer Parkoff

4. Parsha Pearls written by D.and M. Loebenstein

5. Just One word (Amen) written by Esther Stern