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I believe in You Hashem

This one helped me a lot. Its called footprints and the author is unknown:

There was once a person who died and went up to shamayim.  There he saw his whole life flash before him by the sea.  Whenever times were good, he saw two sets of footprints in the sand.  However, when times were rough, he only saw one set.  At the end  of the viewing, he turned to Hashem and asked, "Hashem, during my good times you were always with me, but when I needed you most, why did you leave me alone."  Hashem replied, "my beloved child, who I love more than anything, it was during those times that I was carrying you. Lichvod/Dear Klal Yisrael this is what we have to know. Hashem is carrying us at all times especially when we need Him the most. We need to find an grab hold of Him. T'filah-Teshuva-Tzdaka. Click here for Great things to do. That is what we must know and feel. And b'zechus this may Hashem answer all our B'kashos L'tov. AMEN!!!!