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Hashem is our Father

Below one can read divrei chizuk that was e-mailed in or said over over to me.

What you are about to read is all made possible by Hashem. Hashem put this machshava (thought) in my head, and sent me shluchim (messengers) to form this page. It started by a speaking with a very special person who lost a child,(read #2 bellow-Everyone needs a hug) and how she and her family are coping with this with Hashem, Is it hard, yes it is, but they are running to Hashem as a child runs to a parent and they don't stop running. This whole page should be an aliyah for this child's neshama, a zechus for the whole family and a zechus for all of us. AMEN.
Klal Yisrael. We are Hashem's Holy Children, and He is our Father.
A little chizuk goes along way:
If you would like to share something you have gone or are going through to help and give chizuk to others, or if you would like to share some divrei chizuk or a chizuk saying please email  info@divreichizuk.com or call 347-846-8085.

Added 1-8-09 

If- my week is not going well or if I'm having a bad day and I need  help (any kind of help) 

Then try this-

You have nothing to lose only to  gain-

cry out to Hashem-please Hashem, please, I need you, I’m calling out to you, I’m running to you as a child runs to a parent, I know the help comes from You and only from You!!! Please send me Bracha and Hatzlacha!!! For..............(this should be said slowly, and then fill in what you need & are asking after for)

Keep saying over and over-



10-To Be B'simcha

Someone shared a beautiful chizuk. He said;

When one is b'simcha(happy) you  throw away all your tzaros(problems). When I said this over to someone he asked, how can one be b'simcha when he has tzaros? The answer is keep praying for it and cry it out to Hashem. Call to Hashem b'emes. One should accept upon him/herself something to improve on, and ask Hashem for help b'zechus this. Another thing one can do is to work on understanding your t'felah(prayer) one will get a whole new apprecietion of Hashem and will feel a warmth. Work on understanding that everything Hashem does is good, and that He loves you 100%. Say to Hashem, Hashem please help me understand this and live b'simcha. Keep repeating,with a smile.

I say this when I get those scary feelings.

  • Hashem I love You 
  • Hashem I believe in You.
  • Hashem I trust You and all that You do.
  • Gam zu l'tova(this to is for the best)
  • Then work on
  • Understanding your T'felah
  • Doing chesed
  • Bonding with Hashem
  • Getting closer to Hashem
  • Speaking to Hashem and telling him what is going on and what your feelings are.
  • Thanking Hashem, look around at all that Hashem gave you. Then thank Him for it. "Hashem thank You for.......

added 1-3-09
 9. Now more then ever is the time to return to Hashem.
We are Hashem's Holy children and He loves us very much. Divrei chizuk is about giving chizuk to people in times of need and helping them find the way home back to Hashem. Everything that is happening or is going to happen is what Hashem wants. We have to believe in Him.  We must help others talk, praise, and get closer to Hashem and show them that He is here for us. Please, if you can help and get involved in any way with divrei chizuk, please email me at info@divreichizuk.com or call 347-846-8085. Hashem has brought us together for a reason. Klal Yisrael are Hashem’s holy children.  He loves each and every one of us 100%. That is the message we try to give to all of us.  Now more then ever turn, cry, pray, praise Hashem, learn more, do more Mitzvot, call to Him B'emes.  Show Hashem that we are trying To return to Him. He will protect us. He is our Father. Please help & get this out to Klal Yisrael.

added 12-30-08 


This was told over to me by a dear friend. It should be a big zechus for all of Klal Yisrael, and for this person & his mishpacha as we work on ourselves living like this.  

Once the Chazone Ish went to by a pair of shoes. On the way he would say to Hashem, "Hashem please help me I need a pair of shoes." He did this because he knew everything comes from Hashem, and he felt it.

Shavua Tov! Added 12-29-08
7. Wonderful news!!!
Wonderful news! My wife got a call right after our candles went out last night and got a job offer! Baruch HaShem! We also found the perfect shiurim on Torahmedia.com and we wanted to pass it on since it is extremely timely with the issues that everyone seems to be dealing with!
He has 2 sets; season 1 and season 2 and they are also available on his own website:
They've been helping us so much! Giving us much more insight into our relationship with HaShem and bitachon!
That is truly wonderful news whatever chizuk you find that helps you. Get chizuk from every place you can. That's what chizuk does. It helps one find the way home back to Hashem it helps one live with Hashem. I'm truly happy for you just keep on running and turning to Hashem.Always remember Hashem is there waiting for us to call onto Him. May Hashem continue to lead and guide you with much Bracha and Hatzlacha and may it be a zechus for all of Klal Yisrael.AMEN!!!

Added 12-26-08    6. A Chanuka Feeling
This is what someone shared with us; It should be a zechus for this person to merit such a husband and children. AMEN!!!
Since Chanukah is the holiday of light, I use the time after lighting Chanukah candles to daven for the zechus to have a chelek in Torah which is compared to light and to merit a husband and children who will be talmedei chachamim who will light up the world with their Torah learning.  I daven that Hashem should fulfill the pasuk, "Ohr Chadash al Tzion Tair" speedily in our times and that we should be zoche to see the ohr haganuz very soon!  Just stare at the candles and allow its light to purify our eyes and neshamos.A Freilichin Chanukah!

added 12-18-08 this was sent in on the bottom is the response.
5. Please Hashem help us save us.
SHALOM we want to know what is the point of all this why doesn't Hashem just come get us all and save us why is he letting this all happen to us,
hasnt 2000 yrs of praying done anything. why why why??????
what have we done to be treated this way by our FATHER ????why cant He help us
we think he does when we get a few extra dollars and then another bill comes. for something to be repaired.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HASHEM  HELP US HASHEM SAVE US ALL.PLEASE
Only Hashem knows that answer. What we have to do is continue to cry out to Him and bring ourselves as close as we can to Him. What you wrote is a beautiful Tfelah you can say to Hashem PLEASE Hashem help us, Please hashem save us!!!!

 4. Hashem please help me.

This week a person called from Ohio and I asked him how  did you find divrei chizuk. He said he googled
Hashem please help me.
That's what divrei chizuk is all about.
Letting Klal Yisrael know
That Hashem is here with each and everyone of

Added 12-18-08
3. What a talmid said to his Rebbe
 A Rebbe wrote in that as he was moving a child to a different
seat, the child said "Rebbe I want to be close to you". That is what we should be saying to Hashem.

"Hashem I want to be close to You".

added 12-10-08

2. Everyone needs a hug.

A  very special person who lost a child (a very special neshama) told me her children need hugs now more then ever.

This is the chizuk that came out from that talk.

She told me how her and her family are coping with this with Hashem, Is it hard, yes it is, but they are running to Hashem as a child runs to a parent and they don't stop running. She told me how her children, one more then the other need hugs now more then ever. I said we all need hugs. Ask Hashem with what ever you might be going through, Please Hashem my Father I need You now more then ever, I need a hug from You. Then add in a sincere T'filah what your fellow man needs and what you need.

added 12-10-08
1. Everyone needs a friend.
 Say this over to Hashem when you are in any mood.
Hashem You are my Creator, You are my Father
I now need You as my Friend
"Please Hashem be my Friend"