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 Bchasdei Hashem Divrei Chizuk is all FREE and we will continue in this derech BE''H.
Now you can be part of the Divrei Chizuk Mishpacha that B"H goes out to thousands all over the world. You can now dedicate for a name of a loved one or for a friend or just for Klal Yisrael, for a refuah shleima-yeshua-bracha vhatlacha-parnasa-liluy nishmas/yartzeit/in memory of someone-shalom-shalom bais-bar/bas mitzvah-shiduch/finding a spouse-having children, gift(we will send a letter and say a donation was made for you,from...) for someone you know or don't know.- please click below on ''name of dedication'' and to make a donation please click on pay pal or you can mail a check this will also help us continue giving chizuk to thousands all over the world and join our Mishpacha.There is so much more we want to do and your heartfelt support helps us help others in many ways. Tizku L'mitzvos!
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By contibuting to Divrei Chizuk and being a partner in all of what we do, rest assured that Hashem's promise of wealth will be fulfilled. 
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Tizku Lmitzvos, May Hashem shine on you His chesed and answer all your heartfelt bakashos hakol ltov. Amen!!!
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 #1. The Healing Power of Ashar Yatzar  

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The Bracha of Asher Yatzar is now available in a beautiful color poster (side one) beautiful color poster side two  format, suitable for posting in the home or in public places, and in a pocket-sized edition, all especially designed to increase kavana when reciting the bracha. The posters are available in several sizes and nuschaot and translated into numerous languages.  

For hard copies of these wonderful materials, click here to order.
#2. Just One Word Amen-Changing your mazel
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The power of Amein Yehei Shemei Raba is strong enough to change a person's pre-ordained mazal. 

If you would like to get a FREE Amen card courtesy of  chofetschaimusa.org click here or call-845-352-3505ext.101

#3.  אין עוד מלבדו -Ein Od Milvado
click here to listen to Ein Od Milvado
by Avraham Fried
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NEW-Chasdei Hashem the ''Ein od Milvado'' car magnets 
#4. Click here to get a PDF only of a  Prayer of Thanks
One who says it will see nisim from above.
Please indicate if you would like it in hebrew&english
English only or Yiddish only.

#5. "Tikkun L'Choleh", 

A new tefilah booklet compiled with tefilos in hebrew,  to be said SPECIFICALLY by the choleh themselves!! 

You can get a booklet sent to you or in PDF.

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#6. ***Bchasdei Hashem***

 One of our Divrei Chizuk members who lives in Eretz Yisrael, 

will now go and daven 

for you at a very special place.  


Its located inside the tunnel of the Kotel and is said to be the closest place to the Kodesh Kdosim.

Simply click here to send in a name/bakasha

This is a FREE service.

However if you would like, it is a big zechus to also give tzedaka 

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Tizku Lmitzvos


 #7 Special personal Tfilos to be said.

Just click below and choose Tfilah.(PDF ONLY all Tfilos are in Hebrew)

L'Yeshua-Dina Chedva bas Chaya Hena

L'Yeshua-Zeva Rochel bas Chaya

Special personal Tfilos to be said before lighting candles.

PDF only please choose all Tfilos are in Hebrew

 1. T'filah Channa 

2. Tfilah for Health

3. Tfilah for a women to say for her Husband

4. Tfilah for Hatzlacha

5. Tfilah for a daughter to find her Zivug

6. Tfilah for a son to find his Zivug

7. Tfilah for success for the children

8. Tfilah for Htazlacha from all bad

9. Tfilah for a women to say in the 9th month

10. Tfilah to say for success in Torah 



Liluy Nishamas-Rabbi Asher H. Abittan zt''l

Prior to taking any medication or undergoing 

any medical procedure, a prayer should be said.

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and how to order your FREE card. 

#9 Tznious Campaign 

Lzechus all of Klal Yisrael

Refuah Shleima Zaki ben Rachel  

Bchasdei Hashem we are starting to launch our 

Tnious Campaign click here to read more about it.

If you are intrested in finding out more info about self-led

TZNIOUS SENSITIVITY GROUPS and how to start one in your neighborhood 

Become part of a world wide movement! Call  




If you would like chizuk 24/6 simply text/call

"I need Chizuk'' 347-846-8085


Tizku Lmitzvos  


 A wonderful web site to see and spend time seeing Yerushalyim 

The Holy City Of Jerusalem Panoramic View - click here to view 

If you would like to sponsor, or make a donation, and be part of all what Divrei chizuk does,
 help us bring smiles and chizuk to yidden all over the world, and help take Divrei Chizuk to the next level.


Please help with your heartfelt donation, as we plan to help yidden across the globe connect with Hashem our Father trough t'filah.
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Tizku Lmitzvos, May Hashem shine on you His chesed and answer all your heartfelt bakashos hakol ltov. Amen!!!
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