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 Bchasdei Hashem Divrei Chizuk is all FREE and we will continue in this derech BE''H.
Now you can be part of the Divrei Chizuk Mishpacha that B"H goes out to thousands all over the world. You can now dedicate for a name of a loved one or for a friend or just for Klal Yisrael, for a refuah shleima-yeshua-bracha vhatlacha-parnasa-liluy nishmas/yartzeit/in memory of someone-shalom-shalom bais-bar/bas mitzvah-shiduch/finding a spouse-having children, gift(we will send a letter and say a donation was made for you,from...) for someone you know or don't know.- please click below on ''name of dedication'' and to make a donation please click on pay pal or you can mail a check this will also help us continue giving chizuk to thousands all over the world and join our Mishpacha.There is so much more we want to do and your heartfelt support helps us help others in many ways. Tizku L'mitzvos!
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 More ways that you can help, and spread Chizuk?

Your heartfelt donations goes to the many sevices we provide

Since this web site was launched B"H I have been receiving many calls, e-mails of people who would like to help and see what chizuk does. I first want to thank Hashem Blessed be His Great and Holy Name for giving me this thought.


As we know Hashem created this world on chesed (kindness). Hashem loves it when He sees his Holy children doing chesed for others. If you would like you can participate in this important mitzvah(paypal look below) and help us spread Divrei Chizuk all around. You can help us spread the word around that Hashem loves us and is always here for each of us.

You can help in the following ways please email me info@divreichizuk.com to let me know which one you chose, or for any other info. You can have this be an Iluy Nishamas for someone-or a yeshua for someone. If you have a machshava please contact us.

  •  Help a family's in need- I know family's that need food for the chagim and for every day regular basic needs. They have been out of work for some time. May Hashem send them the yeshua bkrov.
  • Davening for you at a very special place that is located inside the tunnel of the Kotel and is said to be the closest place to the Kodesh Kdosim.
  •  Buying children clothes for the chagim
  • You can help us advertise where we put ads in the paper that Hashem loves you 100%, different Chizuk articles that we wrote in helping Klal Yisrael get closer to Hashem and bring Hashem closer to all.
  • Help in maintaining the Divrei Chizuk site that is seen by thousands all over the world
  • Help in maitaining the Daily Divrei Chizuk that is seen by thousands all over the world.
  • Help get the word out about our Shabbos campaign
  • Help get the word out about our Ein Od Milvado campaign
  • Help get the word out about ways to get chizuk
  • Help us in putting out a cd with songs of chizuk.
  • Shabbos Tehillim said by 80 children.
  • Evening Kolel
  • Mishnayos program learned by 30 to 40 children
  • Printing of  Ein Od Milvado cards (Liluy Nishamas a loved one can be placed on card)
  • Printing of flyers

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You can get involved in anything we do, and be part of this Mitzvah. Tizku Lmitzvos and may Hashem shower on you maleh bracha vhatzlacha, and answer all your heartfelt bakashos hakol l'tov. Amen!!!