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Please, if you, or if you know of anyone needing chizuk  sign them up, or say todays divrei chizuk over to them. or go to info@divreichizuk.com  with the word join.
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Divrei Chizuk mission is to help bring yidden together from all over, and closer to Hashem. Chizuk is what helps the neshama wake up and find the way back to Hashem. click here to read lost in the forest #9

B"H since our last Divrei Chizuk trip to Eretz Yisrael , Hashem in His great chesed and rachamim let us set up a team to help us help Klal Yisrael with a bakasha one might have. We now have a team set up in Eretz Yisrael and in America the team is B"H growing and growing. Please continue to send in any name info@divreichizuk.com for a yeshua, refuah, parnasa, bracha-hatzlacha, shalom, shalom bais, shiduch, geula, finding Hashem, getting closer to Hashem, or for any reason you might have. As we answer Amen-Amen yehei shmei raba, as we continue to thank/sing/dance/cry out to Hashem b'simcha. We also have gone to different shuls to give chizuk by davening and singing out to Hashem. We can also assemble special t'filos with children/adults. Any malech we create it should go to help yidden all over the world with there bakasha l'tov. Regarding any bakasha it is important for one to work on themselves in getting closer
(doing teshuva) to Hashem
Things one can do to work on ones self 
The Divrei Chizuk Team plans to BE"H to continue trips to Eretz Yisrael to Thank/Sing/Dance/cry out to Hashem b'simcha at the kotel and other holy sites click here to read and see about our first trip. As we reach levels of kedusha any malach that is created we will send to yidden all over the world. Any one can join us on our important trip. We would like to thank www.talknsave.net for sposoring all our mobile needs when we are at home in eretz Yisrael (please check them out on your next vist to the Holy Land). As of now we our planning our next trip to Eretz Yisrael BE"H it will be Aug.24th-Sept. 1st. If you would like you can send shleiach mitzvah money that will go to help our divrei chizuk team members in Eretz Yisrael and in America. One is involved saying tehillim at the kotel-another is involved of running a kollel(about 10 mishpachos) at the kever of Shmuel Hanavi that is where we got everyone together as we said/sang tehillim for everyone all answering amen after each bracha/bakasha was read. Another is involved at the kever of Shimon Hatzdik. Another is involved in helping feed poor people  and putting together different events at the kotel and at schools of little kinderlach answering Amen to brachas-Amen Yehi Shmei Raba. There are many ways to help divrei chizuk and be a part of it. Maybe you have an idea you would like to share, maybe you know of someone who needs chizuk, maybe you can tell people about the site and tell them to sign up for the daily chizuk. Let's all daven for each other, let us all pull together, let us all become ONE. We BE"H plan to set up and do the same thing with our american team. B"H we have been hearing wonderful news from many who wrote in with a bakasha and we answered the following.
Wow that is great news truly great news Hodu LaHashem Kitov Ki lolam chasdo Thank you Hashem Thank You Hashem Thank You Hashem
I thank Hashem and I thank you and please thank everyone for helping me write this. That is truly great.
  I am singing out to Hashem Thank You Hashem Thank You Hashem Thank You Hashem You are so GREAT and HOLY, Hashem is great Hashem is great. 
If you would like to participate monetarily in this wonderful mitzvah by sending shaleiach mitzvah money as we travel around, or by sponsoring an event that we do. You can contact us at info@divreichizuk.com.
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Rabbi Aloni Russek (he is one of the team members)
83-21 125th st. kew gardens N.Y. 11415
Tizku L'mitzvos!!!
May Hashem answer all our bakashos l'tov Amen!!!


Please help with your heartfelt donation, as we plan to help yidden across the globe connect with Hashem our Father trough t'filah, and through all the campaigns that Hashem lets us do.
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Tizku Lmitzvos, May Hashem shine on you His chesed and answer all your heartfelt bakashos hakol ltov. Amen!!!
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